Sitemap - 2021 - Michael Geist

Episode 112: Aaron Perzanowski on the Right to Repair

Episode 111: The Story Behind JusTech - How Three University of Ottawa Law Students Created a Technology Compliance Solution for Privacy Breach Rules

Episode 110: Waiting to Connect - Karen Barnes and Catherine Middleton on the CCA's Report on Internet Access in Canadian Rural, Remote and Indigenous Communities

Episode 109: Striking the Balance on Misinformation and Freedom of Expression - My Examination of Canadian Policy Solutions

Episode 106: Former Canadian Heritage Committee Chair Scott Simms Goes Behind the Scenes of the Bill C-10 Hearing

Episode 107: Addison Cameron-Huff on the State of Crypto and Blockchain Regulation in Canada

Episode 108: Scott Benzie on How Bill C-10 Ignored Canada's Thriving Digital First Creators

Episode 105: NDP MP Charlie Angus on Canada's Failed Digital Policy and His Hopes for the Next Parliamentary Session

Episode 104: Taylor Owen on What the Latest Facebook Revelations Mean for Canada's Online Harms Legislative Plans

Episode 89: A Special Episode on Debating Bill C-10 at the Canadian Heritage Committee

Episode 83: Inside in the Industry Committee Hearing on the Proposed Rogers-Shaw Merger

Episode 82: Jonathan Curtis on the CRTC's Push to Block Botnets

Episode 81: Why Isn't Canada Supporting a Proposal to Help Developing Countries Gain Access to COVID-19 Vaccines?

Episode 80: A Roundtable on the Canadian Challenges of Delivering Universal, Affordable Internet Access

Episode 79: David Kaye on the Challenges of Reconciling Freedom of Expression and the Regulation of Online Harms

Episode 78: Jennifer Jenkins on What Copyright Term Extension Could Mean for Canada

Episode 77: The Complexity of Internet Content Regulation - A Conversation with CIPPIC's Vivek Krishnamurthy

Episode 76: Higher Consumer Costs and Less Choice - My Appearance Before the Heritage Committee on Broadcasting Act Reform

Episode 75: The Digital Taxman Cometh

Episode 74: Heidi Tworek on the Challenges of Internet Platform Regulation

Episode 73: The Broadcasting Act Blunder - Why Minister Guilbeault is Wrong

Episode 72: Emily Laidlaw on the Good, the Bad, and the Missed Opportunities Behind Canada's Privacy Reform

Episode 71: Minister Navdeep Bains on Canada's New Privacy Bill

Episode 70: "It's Massive Free Distribution" - Village Media's Jeff Elgie on Why His Company Opposes Lobbying Efforts to Establish a Licence for Linking to News Stories

Episode 69: Bram Abramson on the Government's Plan to Regulate Internet Streaming Services

Episode 68: Mike Pal on What the Canadian Experience Teaches About the Intersection Between Election Law and the Internet

Episode 67: Tamir Israel on Facial Recognition Technologies at the Border

Episode 66: Ann Cavoukian on Why Canadians Can Trust the COVID Alert App

Episode 65: My Ian Kerr Memorial Lecture - Privacy and Zambonis in the Age of COVID-19

Episode 64: "You're Seeing the Breakup of the Web" - Anupam Chander on the Battle over TikTok

Episode 63: Ontario Privacy Commissioner Patricia Kosseim on the COVID Alert App

Episode 62: Colin Bennett on What the Schrems II Decision Means for Global Data Transfers and Canadian Privacy Law

Episode 61: Senator James Cowan on the Extraordinary Battle for a Genetic Anti-Discrimination Law in Canada

Episode 60: Alberta Privacy Commissioner Jill Clayton on the ABTraceTogether Contact Tracing App

Episode 59: "It's a Racist Policy" - Ben Cashdan on the U.S. Effort to Derail South Africa's Copyright Reform

Episode 58: "An Earth Shattering Decision" - Marina Pavlovic on the Supreme Court of Canada's Uber v. Heller Ruling

Episode 57: Julia Reda on What Canada Should Learn from the European Battle over a Copyright Link Tax

Episode 56: Eloïse Gratton on Quebec's Plan to Overhaul its Privacy Law

Episode 55: Mutale Nkonde on Racial Justice, Bias, and Technology

Episode 54: Eric Goldman on Internet Platform Liability and the Trump Executive Order

Episode 53: Welcome Development or Waste of Time? - A Conversation With Facebook Oversight Board Member Nicolas Suzor

Episode 52: Fair Dealing for Film Makers - Bob Tarantino on the Copyright Implications of the Room Full of Spoons Case

Episode 51: Canada's Urban-Rural Broadband Divide - Josh Tabish on CIRA's Internet Performance Data

Episode 50: Ariel Katz on the Long-Awaited York University v. Access Copyright Ruling

Episode 49: Lilian Edwards on the Legal, Ethical and Technology Debate over Coronavirus Contact Tracing Apps

Episode 48: Sam Trosow and Lisa Macklem on Copyright and Fair Dealing During a Pandemic

Episode 47: Brewster Kahle, Chris Freeland and Kyle Courtney on the Internet Archive National Emergency Library

Episode 46: Matthew Herder on the Canadian Effort to Break Down Patent Barriers to Accessing Coronavirus Medicines

Episode 45: David Porter on the Benefits of Open Educational Resources as Millions Shift to Online Learning

Episode 44: Michael Birnhack on Israeli Use of Cellphone Tracking to Combat the Spread of Coronavirus

Episode 43: Heather Joseph on the Coronavirus and the Urgent Need for Open Access to Research Publications

Episode 42: What Does the Canada-US-Mexico Trade Agreement Mean for Digital Policy?

Episode 41: Nasma Ahmed With a Call for a Ban on Facial Recognition Technologies

Episode 40: “Copyright Term Extension is a Tax on Consumers” - Paul Heald on What Extending Copyright Term Could Mean for Canada

Episode 39: “The Day I Can Offer Service, Prices Come Down” - Elliot Noss on MVNOs and the CRTC Hearing on Wireless Services

Episode 38: Debating the Broadcast Panel Report - A Conversation with BTLR Panel Chair Janet Yale

Episode 37: The Future of Privacy in Canada - A Conversation with Privacy Commissioner of Canada Daniel Therrien

The LawBytes Podcast, Episode 36: The Year in Canadian Digital Law and Policy

Episode 35: Allen Mendelsohn on Canada's Copyright Site Blocking Saga

Episode 34: The Fight to Save the Dot-Org

Episode 33: “Canadian Patenting is Not Going to Drive Anything” - Aidan Hollis on New Research on Patents and Innovation

Episode 32: Reflections from the Open Source Member of Parliament - A Conversation with Ex-MP David Graham

Episode 31: Is Canadian Media in a Financial Crisis? - Marc Edge With a Different Take on What the Data Says

Episode 30: "It's Only Going to Get More Important" - Amanda Wakaruk and Jeremy deBeer on Crown Copyright in Canada

Episode 29: Partisan Posts, Social Media, and Misinformation - Taylor Owen on What Actually Happened Online in the 2019 Election

Episode 28: The Past, Present and Future of Open Access - A Conversation with Leslie Chan

Episode 27: Digital Policy and Election 2019: Laura Tribe of OpenMedia on Where the Parties Stand

Episode 26: There Is No Crisis - Dwayne Winseck on the State of Canadian Communications, Media and Cultural Policy

Ep. 25: The CRTC Decision on Competitive Internet Pricing: A Conversation with George Burger

Episode 24: A Tribute to Ian Kerr

Episode 23: The WIPO BRIP Database - Rick Shera on the MEGA Experience and the Dangers of False IP Claims

Episode 22: Navigating Intermediary Liability for the Internet - A Conversation with Daphne Keller

Episode 21: Why Canada Has Some of the Worlds Highest Wireless Data Prices

Episode 20: Why Canadian Universities Should Get Out of the Patent Game - Richard Gold on Canada’s Failed Research Commercialization Strategy

Episode 19: Canada's Quiet Success Story: Irene Berkowitz on the Canadian YouTube Creative Sector

Episode 18: Open to Open Banking?: My Appearance Before the Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce

The LawBytes Podcast, Episode 17: What To Do About Huawei? - Christopher Parsons Unpacks One of Canada's Most Challenging Policy Issues

Episode 16: The Copyright Review Report: Carys Craig on the Roadmap for the Future of Canadian Copyright Law

Episode 15: Cows, Cars, and Copyright: A Conversation With Myra Tawfik on the IP Concerns With Implementing Canada-US-Mexico Trade Deal

Episode 14: Big Data, Privacy and Democracy: A Conversation With Nathaniel Erskine-Smith on the International Grand Committee

Episode 13: Digital Charter or Chart: A Conversation With Teresa Scassa on Canada’s New Digital Charter

Episode 12: The Past, Present and Future of Open Access to Law

Episode 11: Reinterpreting Canadian Privacy Law - David Fraser On Cross-Border Data Transfers, the Right to De-Index, and the Facebook Investigation

Episode 10: Lowdown on Lawsuits - James Plotkin on Copyright Threats, Notices, and Lawsuits

Episode 9: The CRTC Watcher - A Conversation with FRPCs Monica Auer

Episode 8: LawBytes Lecture - What the Canadian Experience Teaches About the Future of Copyright Reform

Episode 7: What if Copyright Law took Authors Rights Seriously? A Conversation with Professor Rebecca Giblin

Episode 6: “A Dangerous Game to Play:” A Former CRTC Vice-Chair Speaks Out on the Commission Plan to Regulate and Tax the Internet

Episode 5: A Huge Threat to How the Internet Functions Now

Episode 4: Going Inside Canada's Copyright Review

Episode 3: The Least They Can Get Away With

Episode 2: It’s Time to Modernize the Laws

Episode 1: Welcome to LawBytes

Episode 98: Kim Nayyer on the Supreme Court of Canada's Landmark Access Copyright v. York University Copyright Ruling

Episode 84: Dwayne Winseck and Ben Klass on Canada's Wireless Woes

Episode 85: Céline Castets-Renard on Europe's Plan to Regulate Artificial Intelligence

Episode 86: CCLA's Cara Zwibel on the Free Speech Risks of Bill C-10 and the Guilbeault Internet Plan

Episode 87: What You Need to Know About Bill C-10

Episode 88: Ellen 'T Hoen on Waiving Patents to Support Global Access to COVID Vaccines

Episode 90: Fenwick McKelvey on Bill C-10, Discoverability and the Missing Representation of a New Generation of Canadian Creators

Episode 91: "This is No Way to Regulate" - Former CRTC Chair Konrad von Finckenstein Speaks Out on the CRTC and Bill C-10

Episode 92: A Conversation with Senator Paula Simons on Copyright, the Internet and the Future of Media in Canada

Episode 93: Lex Gill on the RCMP, Clearview AI and Canada's History of Surveillance

Episode 94: Former CRTC Vice Chair Peter Menzies Reflects on the Battle over Bill C-10

Episode 95: Mark Phillips on the Federal Court of Canada's Right to be Forgotten Ruling

Episode 96: More Harm Than Good - My Appearance Before the Senate Transport Committee on a Copyright Bill to Support Media Organizations

Episode 97: John Lawford on Why the CRTC Should Take Action on Inadequate Low-Cost Wireless Plans

Episode 103: Privacy Reform Comes to Canada - Chantal Bernier on the Passage of Quebec's Bill 64

Episode 102: Colleen Flood on the Legal, Ethical and Policy Implications of Vaccine Passports

Episode 101: OpenMedia's Laura Tribe on Digital Policy and the 2021 Canadian Election

Episode 100: David Vaver With a Masterclass on Copyright and User Rights

Episode 99: "They Just Seemed Not to Listen to Any of Us" - Cynthia Khoo on the Canadian Government's Online Harms Consultation